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27423 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My mother was very ill and stuck in the bathroom. If it wasn’t for Life Alert – she would have died there! She was rushed to the hospital and within hours put on life-support. She is now recovering. I’m very grateful for your service. Thank you!

N.L. La Verne, CA

I had two incidents of carbon monoxide leakage. Life Alert was very thorough in sending help and finding out where the problem was coming from. The furnace the first one and the stove the second one. Saved my life, thank you.

E.W. Detroit, MI

Life Alert has always been great. I love the way they call the family when an emergency arises and then they also call the family back with the outcome of the emergency. Mom always felt safe when she was wearing her Life Alert pendant because she knows help could only be a push of the button away. It was sorta her security blanket.

L.C. Humble, TX

I fell while getting up because I felt faint. I couldn’t understand why I felt so weak and it seem as though I was going to black out. I panicked and pressed my Life Alert pendant. My daughter heard the noise of the Life Alert call, came to my room, and spoke to your operator. Paramedics were called and took me to the hospital where I was examined and later sent home after their assessment.

J.P. Elizabeth, NJ

I am recovering from a stroke. Recently I had an episode when I became dizzy and thought I would pass out. I pressed the [Life Alert] button and within several minutes the EMS was at the door. I’m very happy with your service.

L.P. Brick, NJ

Mother, 86, thought she saw a man at her window. She alerted Life Alert – Life Alert notified her son. By the time he got to her house around the corner 3 police cars were there immediately. Everyone was very professional and we appreciate everyone. Life Alert is worth every penny to help my mother be in her home and remain independent and safe.

C.R. Pensacola, FL

Mom had a cerebral hemorrhage while taking a shower and luckily had her Life Alert pendant with her and used it! The paramedics and fire department were here to help her in minutes. You guys are great! Can’t think of enough nice things to say about you and your service.

D.C. Charlotte, NC

I fell trying to get to the door to get my food that community service had brought. I got too fast and fell on the floor. The maintenance man unlocked the door. He was the one that had me mash the [Life Alert] button. The person on the Life Alert end was wonderful! The way they communicated with me and my family was amazing! So professional knowing that they were keeping them informed gave them such peace. Thank you!

M.R. Tuscaloosa, AL

I fainted in the bathroom and hit my head on the corner of the doorway and was bleeding and when I came to, I pushed my [Life Alert] button. I was covered with blood. The fire company came and took me to the hospital. I had to have 5 staples put in my head. If they didn’t come I would have lost a lot of blood!!

I.C. Spring Hill, FL

I was having heart problems. I pushed my Life Alert button. Life Alert was very responsive. They contacted my local emergency service and stayed on the line with me until my family members were contacted and the emergency service arrived. They stayed on the line until the emergency service let them know they had everything under control. Excellent service.

E.S. Hollywood, MD

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