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32575 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I fell down in my kitchen and after trying to get myself up for about 30 minutes, I pressed the [Life Alert] button. Help soon arrived and the Life Alert person kept in contact with me during the wait. Everything was great!

P.S. Seal Beach, CA

Fell and hit nose and back on bath door frame. I couldn’t get up, called Life Alert. Team came, got me and took me to the hospital. X-rays taken; my nose was bang up and back sprained but no broken bones. Everyone was very nice and helpful and concerned.

D.R. Bloomington, IN

My brother felt like he was having a stroke. Life Alert called me and kept me informed as to when he was transported. Thank God it was not a stroke.

P.W. Gainesville, FL

I tripped where the asphalt and cement car port met. I didn’t pick my feet up. Tried to get up, but failed. No one around to help me. Managed to crawl to the porch to alert [Life Alert]. [Four men] helped me to my feet and sat me down to rest. I assured others I was OK. [Life Alert] was very polite. I am 86 years old.

D.H. Sun City, AZ

I could not get up off the floor at 5:30AM from my bed to the bathroom. I finally got to the telephone and called Life Alert. [Life Alert] immediately called my nephew and the police.

M.F. Roslyn, NY

Mother fell and pushed her [Life Alert] button from around neck. My house my called and I was called on my cell phone, and paramedics were called. Ambulance came at approximately same time I got there. Things went very smoothly.

L.W. Kingfield, ME

Patient fell in the bedroom and couldn’t get up. Patient pushed pendant at which time Life Alert came on the speaker box and dispatched an ambulance to the location to assist.

M.O. Pearcy, AR

My sister is 102 years old. I am 93 and when she falls, I am not able to pick her up. My sister has had Life Alert for years. The [Life Alert] staff are so great, I feel so secure having them and I thank you.

C.M. Louisville, KY

She fell, which resulted in a femoral fracture. After falling she activated the Life Alert and an ambulance was sent to transport her to the hospital. The independent living was notified (her place of residence) and her niece who lives nearby.

D.C. Fort Collins, CO

I fell and my husband couldn’t get me up so we called [Life Alert] with her Life Alert necklace, and in 10 minutes the rescue squad and a big firetruck showed up and took her to the hospital. They were very, very courteous and helpful. Thank God for them and also a big thanks to you all at Life Alert. It’s a nice thought to have people like you all around when needed.

J.K. Raytown, MO

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