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28512 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Fell and could not get up. Life Alert summoned EMS and they arrived within 15 minutes – Life Alert stayed on line till EMS told them okay to disconnect. No injuries – just needed assistance in getting back up. Very satisfied with the way the situation was handled.

F. V., Lebanon, PA

The Life Alert staff was patient with me. They continued to speak with me while help was on the way. They made sure I was comfortable at all times. They kept track of my vitals. When help arrived they made sure there were paramedics there to help me. Thank you, Life Alert.

D. T., Fredericksburg, VA

I leaned down to pick up something on the floor, was holding on to one side of my walker, but it rolled away and I fell. I wasn’t injured but I couldn’t get up and no phone handy. I pushed my [Life Alert] call button and got an answer immediately. They sent help right away! Thank you!

M. W., Independence, MO

Fell coming in my apartment and the door came shut behind me and threw me down. I had to have surgery, everything went into a knot. I now walk with a walker; don’t have any balance. Also fell getting out the shower and fell backwards and sat in the tub for 3 hours, didn’t have my Life Alert on me. I now wear it from now on.

A. S., Berlin, PA

In 2006, I fell on my face with my glasses imbedded in the carpet making an indentation in my forehead. Glasses had to be cut out of the carpet. Also both my knees were hurting. I couldn’t seem to get up on my own; so, I pushed the Life Alert button I was wearing.

E. H., Addison, NY

I was having chest pains. My unit is upstairs in my bedroom and I was in the living room so they contacted me via the phone and stayed with me until help arrived and transported me to the hospital. The sense of safety I have with having Life Alert is priceless.

K. L., Virginia, MN

Last emergency was on 11/20/14. Life Alert answered my call at once and alerted the emergency medics immediately, and they were at my house within five minutes. They notified my emergency contacts at once and let me know they had been contacted. Of course Life Alert stayed on the line until I was in the ambulance and on the way to the hospital.

M. D., Palmetto, GA

I tripped over my walker and it fell on top of me. It cut my head and required seven staples to stop the bleeding! Life Alert called the EMTs and police and I was taken to the emergency promptly. Life Alert notified my nephew and my sister. The family arranged my transportation home. Great, I had a sense of relief.

T. D., Glenside, PA

Sorry – I was semi-conscious during this time. I do recall hearing a voice saying call 911 and I said don’t call them call my Life Alert people, they are faster. My next memory, I was in the ambulance – I was aware on previous occasions of the excellent reactions from Life Alert. Thank you and God bless.

L. F., Queen City, TX

I fell going up my brick steps – big cut on my forehead – bruises and lots of bleeding. Landed on my knees – pushed my Life Alert button – in 10-15 minutes the ambulance arrived. After tests and stitches, [I was] released. Thanks for the fast response, and for notifying people on my call list.

B. V., Anniston, AL

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