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(since 7/3/2008)

32806 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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[Life Alert] spoke to my mother almost immediately to ask her about the emergency. [Life Alert] called 911, then the neighbor across the street, then me—her son at 4 miles away. Neighbors were over at the house in 2 minutes, emergency personnel at 3 minutes. Then at 10 minutes later [Life Alert] followed up with me then neighbor. Everything worked extremely well.

P.W. Baltimore, MD

I was in the basement and emptying the water from my humidifier. It was heavy. My legs gave out and I fell with the water. I couldn’t get up so I pushed the Life Alert button. Then crawled to the stairs. [Life Alert] couldn’t reach me downstairs, so she called me on the phone. The fire department was on its way. They took me to the hospital.

B.G. Sterling Heights, MI

[Life Alert] responded quickly and courteously. [EMTs] helped me up after my fall and made sure I was OK and didn’t need to go to the hospital. I like the peace of mind that Life Alert gives my loved ones.

D.T. Orange, CA

I had a very strong attack of vertigo while I was shopping. Life Alert was fast to attend to my call. [Life Alert] remained on the line until paramedics arrived. I am very happy with Life Alert.

A.R. Los Angeles, CA

Life Alert contacted my daughter and stayed with me until she arrived. Life Alert continued to stay and talk to me even after paramedics arrived. [Life Alert] received information from paramedics and first responders and then signed off.

F.H. Kimberling City, MO

07/30/15 – Vertigo attack, 08/25/15 throat closed up and couldn’t breathe – both times Life Alert was extremely courteous, helpful and truly cared about me. They stayed on the line and periodically let me know they were still there. They did not hang up until EMT’s were there, and had my medical history available if needed. They contacted all my emergency POC’s and followed up with them after I was taken care of. Last incident Life Alert actually called me later that evening to check on me. Wouldn’t be without Life Alert.

K. F., Saint Louis, MO

Carpets had been cleaned earlier in the day. Suddenly the Life Alert and carbon monoxide unit went off. As a result you decided to call the fire department. They responded quickly and decided it was because of fumes from the truck left running in the garage by the rug cleaning company. Took a couple of hours but the house finally cleared out.

F. K., Lawrenceville, GA

Husband had a dizzy spell and I could not get him up and he hit his head. I called Life Alert and they called an ambulance etc. and stayed with us until we left for the hospital. I so appreciated the help and the fact you “stayed” with us. We sincerely appreciate Life Alert for being there for us and it is a comfort to know that. Thank you so very much.

B. W., Claremont, CA

I was in my bathroom, my commode lid broke and I slipped. Caught my arm on the wall to keep from falling. My arm has a round spot and skin off. I had really bad diarrhea and was in a mess, when my daughter called you. I went to the hospital, I was embarrassed, but was treated very well by all. [Life Alert] operator stayed with us till the ambulance came. She was very kind and helpful. Thank you.

E. S., Wills Point, TX

I fell in the yard and landed on my shoulder. I pushed my Life Alert button, someone was here helping me in just a few minutes. They thought I had dislocated my shoulder. They were very nice and efficient. My shoulder was x-rayed and was only sprained. I didn’t know that it could be so painful. I am thankful for all their help.

J. M., Shreveport, LA

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