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30368 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I was having trouble breathing. I pressed the Life Alert pendent and the ambulance arrived within minutes and took me to the hospital ER. The attendants were very professional and very courteous. Their presence relieved my anxiety very much. Your system works!

D. D., Saint Charles, MO

I was outside in the yard. I fell down on my right side. The second time I was coming in my front door and fell backwards. When I get down I cannot get up by myself. Life Alert called my son and he and the ambulance got here about the same time -- 15 minutes or so. I highly recommend Life Alert.

G. B., Dickinson, TX

I received a middle of the night call from Life Alert informing me mom had fallen. What a relief to know she was being tended to. When I arrived all was well! Being the only child, what a comfort to have the Life Alert the system as my “extended family.” Thank you for what you do!!

S. W., Jackson, OH

I fell from my bed and hit hard against the hardwood furniture and was bleeding and frightened. Life Alert came on the phone immediately and was very helpful, explaining that medical help were on the way and she would continue to watch and listen etc. I was pleased with Life Alert that night.

P. H., Chesapeake Beach, MD

I tripped over a tree root in the front yard. I was able to get up, but had torn a 3” flap of skin on underside of right arm above wrist. Wife heard my grumbling and came out. I told her to call 911, police were unable to contact medical, so I pressed my pendant and Life Alert responded immediately, with fire truck and ambulance on the scene within 4 minutes. I was taken to the hospital trauma center. Many thanks for the quick response.

W. F., Hayward, CA

I fell in my living room. I cut my finger and it was bleeding very much. I waited for my caregiver to come to pick me up. I waited 15 minutes, so I called Life Alert. The caregiver arrived when Life Alert did, but she couldn’t pick me up. Life Alert did pick me up and took care of my finger.

C. S., Flint, MI

I was working in my flower beds and I have 10 acres of filberts [hazelnut]. The wind came up and blew the pollen over my way. My throat was going closed, so I pushed my Life Alert and by the time I gave myself my epipen and took my medicine the ambulance was here and took me to the hospital and kept me over night. I am so glad I had Life Alert.

A. L., Keizer, OR

I was kneeling down pulling weeds on patio and when I reached for weeds at the rear of the garden, I fell over and couldn’t get myself up. I was so thankful I was wearing the Life Alert button around my neck – two firemen showed up very soon. I just needed help standing up. There were no injuries at all and I was so glad to them!

E. H., Riverside, CA

My uncle fell out of his hearing range of the box. He has hearing aids, but he fell after he had been in bed and had gotten up. He mashed the button, Life Alert called his contacts. I live about 10 minutes away. By the time I threw on some clothes and got to him, help had come and gone. Very efficient and appreciated.

M. A., Dallas, TX

I had to call the paramedics and AMR due to very bad vertigo (I found out that was the problem at the hospital) I couldn’t dial the phone. I pushed my [Life Alert] button in my living room and the base unit is in my bedroom on the other end of the house. We were able to talk from that distance. Thank you all for the great help and service.

R. M., Spokane Valley, WA

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