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32956 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My mother was dizzy and short of breath. She called me at 5:50am, I told her to push the [Life Alert] button on her neck. I stayed on the phone while she called because she doesn’t hear very well. [Life Alert] called the fire department and she went to the hospital very quickly. Thanks for being there for her.

M.F. Lake Arrowhead, CA

My husband fell on the hard wood floor from the sofa. He could not pull himself up, so I called Life Alert and [EMTs] were here in two minutes. Four men were all professional and helpful. The [Life Alert] person on the phone stayed with us the entire time.

D.E. Long Beach, CA

I had fallen down the three steps from my back door. I just couldn’t get up. I pressed the [Life Alert] button on the pendant around my neck. In a few minutes, the fire department was here to help me. The men were so kind and helpful. I have only high praise for all of [Life Alert].

M.A. Culver City, CA

Client had pneumonia, came on like a freight train. I wasn’t sure what was happening so quickly, we pressed the [Life Alert] button and Life Alert responded promptly. [EMTs] diagnosed pneumonia and took client to the hospital. [Life Alert] was prompt, courteous and knew exactly what to do!

O.B. Charlotte, NC

I had accidentally locked myself out. Not one of my neighbors were at home so I was unable to call any of my family, all who have extra keys. Life Alert was right there—Johnny on the spot! Thank you!

J.C. Middletown, CT

I fell over a wire in my bedroom and was bleeding heavily because I am on Warfarin. I pushed the [Life Alert] button and within no more than 10 minutes, the fire department was there with medics, ambulance, etc. Life Alert also called my son who came immediately. Best investment I ever made!

J.G. Brooklyn, NY

[Life Alert] device brought emergency personnel to my mom’s home when she fell a couple times. Once, she had to be taken to the hospital and another time, she just needed to be assisted up from between her nightstand and her bed. Even when she accidentally hit the [Life Alert] button, Life Alert personnel responded fast to assist. [Life Alert] system is the best and I always recommend it to friends, who have parents they love, to give them all a peace of mind that help can be a click away.

D.R. Santa Ana, CA

Called Life Alert two times for myself. Both times, the reason was the same. I was dizzy and felt shaky. Blood pressure was over 200/95 or 100. Life Alert personnel called my neighbor who has key to my home and the others on my contact list—two daughters and son. [Life Alert] contacted local emergency workers and response was fast. I was taken to hospital emergency room.

M.M. Lodi, NJ

Walking up the driveway from the mailbox—experienced severe vertigo for few seconds. Got back into the house and pushed my [Life Alert] button at son’s urging. Life Alert called ambulance—here in 10 minutes. Assistance addressed, ambulance came. Emergency with four days of care in the hospital. Thank you all.

M.G. Hampden, ME

[Life Alert] coordinated the help we needed for my husband. Also, when I cook bacon, the smoke sets off the alarm for Life Alert. [Life Alert] is persistent until I get smoke out of my house. Thank you for [Life Alert’s] help through our experiences here.

H.C. San Jose, CA

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