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27293 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I was having sinus problems and my head was a little dizzy. I was bent over to pull my house shoe up on my heel; I lost my balance and started staggering. I hit the floor very hard. I couldn’t get up at all. I thought of my Life Alert necklace. I pressed it and got an answer pronto. She called my son and he was there in 3 minutes, so were the paramedics. I was carried to the hospital and x-rayed; thank goodness I had no broken bones, but a black eye and bruises and a knot over my head. Thank you very much for your help. Everyone, especially those living alone, needs a Life Alert.

E.C. Belmont, MS

Several weeks ago, I was working on my garage door closing handle. I was only one step high on my step ladder when I lost my balance and fell backwards onto the garage floor. Fortunately I fell onto a paper box and not directly onto the concrete floor; however I couldn’t get up immediately so I pushed the button on my Life Alert neck chain. I did stand up in approximately 5 minutes, however the [EMT] team arrived a few minutes later and put bandages on several bleeding wounds on my arms. I am most thankful for the quick response provided by the Life Alert team and the excellent service they provided.

H.B. Groton, CT

I have had a series of falls. One of the most frightening was when I fell in the garage. That cement floor does not give! Fortunately, I was wearing my Life Alert! With a huge hemato forming on my forehead, I needed help. After pressing the button I could hear a staff member talking from the box in the kitchen, but they couldn’t hear me. They sent help anyway. I’d highly recommend [Life Alert].

A.F. Panama City, FL

My husband fell in the middle of the night, I called Life Alert and they called an ambulance which came in about 5 minutes, and with their help, took my husband to the emergency and everything was ok. Thank you for making the call to the emergency, it made it very easy for me.

R.D. Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you to Life Alert. The operator acted very quickly and stayed on line until paramedics showed up. The operator called everyone on the list and also called back everyone on the list to inform them that I was in the hospital. A job well done, thank you.

F.F. Skokie, IL

Fell on my way to get newspaper from the box on the roadside. Pushed [Life Alert] button and heard a response from inside the house but couldn’t get up. I heard sirens soon, help came and lifted me up, put my shoes on and handed me my cane and newspaper. When ambulance arrived I signed papers and walked back into the house. I recommend Life Alert almost daily to someone. I am especially impressed with the smoke alert.

M.S. Sevierville, TN

Our mom fell when we were out of town – the fire department came and helped her get up. Thankfully, she was not hurt. [Life Alert] called us back afterward to let us know she was fine. We were very happy!

B.M. Roseburg, OR

I fell and broke my knee; emergency people were here within a very short time. Life Alert people stayed on the line until I went to the emergency hospital, they also got in touch with my daughter and she was here when I got home. Thank you.

M.F. Sugar Land, TX

My mother fell and broke her hip. She was unable to move. Life Alert was there for her until I got to her apartment. They stayed on the line (also called medics for her) until medics arrived. I appreciate how good they are to help us.

R.S. East Liverpool, OH

After a medication problem I fell on the floor and blacked out for a short time. When I came out of it I remembered that I wore the Life Alert around my neck. Pushed the button and got a response, the emergency help got into my house. After contacting my relatives, my neighbor also was present. I was bleeding and came to the hospital.

M.B. Toms River, NJ

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