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28722 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I went shopping with my daughter who picked me up after she got off work. I hurried to get in the car. I forgot I was boiling eggs on the stove. We were gone 2 hours. When we returned we found the fire department and paramedics at my home. The fire detector equipment from Life Alert was activated and Life Alert operator didn’t get a response from me so they called the emergency team of fire fighters and medics. They put out the fire and my home was saved. D.D. San Miguel, CA


An ambulance was immediately dispatched to my home. I had fallen from the wheelchair onto the floor. I was placed back into my wheelchair by the two 911 men. My vitals were taken and found that I was doing well. Life Alert checked with me and 911 to make sure everything went well.

R.M. Corinth, KY

Mother could not use her right leg. Life Alert stayed on the line until emergency help arrived. Life Alert also contacted my sister in Connecticut and kept her informed of mother’s condition. Life Alert is most professional. Thank you.

G.G. Naples, FL

Life Alert called me to inform me that my mother called for help. They were very informative and were very specific. They called back to let me know that medics arrived. They called again with a progress report to close out the call. I have much comfort knowing my mother can get the help she needs by simply pressing a button. Thank you!

J.B. Mocksville, NC

Mom passed out in the bathroom, and instead of looking for the phone we pressed her button and spoke to Life Alert rep and they made the calls to police and EMTs which freed us up to attend to mom. They also stayed on the speaker till help arrived and spoke to EMTs with all of mom’s meds.

G.N. Morton, PA

After I fell on the fire place hearth and was bleeding profusely, [Life Alert] continued to talk to me and assure me help was on the way, they did not know the extent of my injury and continued to talk to me. A great comfort.

C.B. Palmetto, GA

I fell and fell on an ant mound and the ants bit me. I told the paramedics not to take me to the hospital but they said to let the hospital people examine me. When I got there my BP was [high] and they can’t reduce it even with an intravenous drug. I thank god and Life Alert people.

J.R. Richmond, TX

I fell in the backyard of my home and couldn’t get up. After yelling for help I remembered the Life Alert button was around my neck. I didn’t know if it would work outside but – lucky me it did – the LAFD arrived and were very kind in helping me.

C.D. San Pedro, CA

Life Alert has taken care of my dad again! They have been wonderful and we are so happy that he has this service. They knew how to keep him calm and saved his life twice before. My dad is 95 years old and is very comfortable with this service! Thanks again!

C.D. East Meadow, NY

I fell and couldn’t get up. My help could not get me up. After calling Life Alert they came right out, and the EMT got me right up and into my lift chair. [Life Alert] helper stayed on the phone from the time we called until they got here. We appreciate all of it very much.

I.D. Stilwell, OK

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