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33366 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I fell in the kitchen. I was on the floor right below the Life Alert unit and could not get up. I broke my hip. I pushed the [Life Alert] button on my Life Alert necklace which I wear 24/7. [Life Alert] responded right away and stayed with me until EMS picked me up and took me to the hospital. I had a hip replacement. If not for Life Alert, I would have laid on the floor for days. God Bless for Life Alert!

M.K. San Antonio, TX

We were not home when my sister-in-law called Life Alert. She was having congestive heart failure. [Life Alert’s] immediate response and calling our contact was great. She was taken to the hospital. We were pleased when [Life Alert] notified us every step of their involvement - when she was on her way and when she arrived at the emergency. She was in the hospital five days and is now a nursing home. Thank you so much to [Life Alert’s] many responses in the past years.

L.L. New London, OH

Life Alert was here when we needed it. We used [Life Alert] several different times as my husband had a severe heart condition. [Life Alert] always answered right away.

G.W. Kelseyville, CA

I was on recovery from hip surgery and I was passing out, my daughter was frantic and pushed my Life Alert pendant. It was a quick response and emergency staff were wonderful. I’ve told several people in passing that they should sign up for Life Alert.

J.E. Vacaville, CA

I walked in my front door with groceries in my hand and fell down. I don’t know how I fell or why I fell. My right knee got hurt, swollen and I went to the emergency room with my grandson. I am thankful for Life Alert.

A.L. Farmville, VA

I woke up with my left foot red, hot and swollen. I could not put any weight on my foot. I called Life Alert and they sent the rescue squad and took me to the hospital.

K.S. Silver Spring, MD

My mom needed to go to the hospital and I was unable to get her in the car so Life Alert sent an ambulance and took us to the hospital. The medical professionals were very helpful and extremely courteous. Life Alert stayed on the line until they had confirmation of first responders on the scene. Thank you, Life Alert!

G.E. College Station, TX

Life Alert saved my life! I was rapidly losing consciousness. I began experiencing extreme difficulties breathing one morning while preparing to be picked up for dialysis. I have an oxygen concentration for times when I have problems breathing. This time oxygen was barely keeping me conscious. I pushed my Life Alert pendant and they immediately took over. She called an ambulance; she called the manager at my apartment complex to arrange for someone to let paramedics into my secured apartment, and called my daughter to advise her what was going on.

P.M. Battle Creek, MI

I slid off a chair and couldn’t get up. Once I am seated on my carpet, I just can’t get up. I am helpless. That’s when I pushed my Life Alert to work. The local fire department comes to my house and they save me. I find that when I’m sitting on my floor I just couldn’t get up. It takes five firemen to get me up. I really can’t live without my [Life Alert] “fancy necklace!” My great-grandchildren have that name for it.

V.N. Morgan Hill, CA

I have neck problems. I went into the bathroom. When I sat on the commode, my head went back and I couldn’t lift it up. The pain was awful. I kept trying to get up and I slid off the commode and locked myself between the commode and wall. It was awful and frightening, then I clicked on my Life Alert and they saved me and [EMTs] took me to the hospital.

D.L. Hermitage, TN

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