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28047 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I fainted when I stepped into the shower. Upon awakening I realized I couldn’t get up off the floor and I couldn’t reach a telephone. I pushed the button on my Life Alert pendant. There was immediate response and frequent reassurance while paramedics and family were called. I would like to thank the representative that worked with me. Everything worked exactly as planned. Life Alert is worth the cost. Thank you.

G.C. Hamshire, TX

I fell when I was loading my washing machine, I just lost my balance. The washer is upstairs and there is carpet on the floor so I only got a few bruises. But it takes 2 people to get me up. I have knee replacements so I can’t get on my knees. I’ve had to use Life Alert 4 times, and have been happy with their service. I live alone so this is a good thing for me.

E.W. Grand Rapids, MI

Life Alert has been a blessing. The response time from the time that the pendant is activated till EMS has control is superb. The communication and updates provided to family members who are listed are detailed, complete, and we are kept updated until my mother is turned over to EMS. It is good to know she has it, good piece of mind.

C.A. Northville, MI

My father fell and broke 4 ribs; unable to get up, Life Alert notified me. When I got there they assured me an ambulance was on their way. They stayed in touch with the ambulance with info on my dad. I would “Highly” recommend Life Alert to anyone who feels they need reassurance that someone is always there when needed.

J.D. Stroudsburg, PA

About 1a.m. I fell as I was going to the bathroom. I lied on the floor for a few minutes, and then realized I could not get up. I live alone in my home; I had my Life Alert button on the night stand so I reached up for it and was thrilled in hearing a warm voice saying they would get an ambulance. He was so reassuring, thanks.

E.O. Salado, TX

I was in bed and needed to use the bathroom but couldn’t get up and was very dizzy, couldn’t help myself. So after a little while I pressed my Life Alert pendant for help; help came quickly and my family, then the ambulance came quickly and helped me to the ER. I feel so comfortable (living alone) that I have Life Alert by my side! Thank you, people, so much!

S.T. Hershey, PA

My aunt was experiencing chest pain. She previously had experienced a heart attack. After speaking with the Life Alert personnel, he helped contact medical assistance, stayed on the phone before and during the wait for medical personnel, and provided medical info to the paramedics to include medications taken by my aunt. He even called while en-route to the medical facility. Very caring and helpful.

M.S. Oak Ridge, TN

My pulse rate was well over 100 when I called [Life Alert]. [EMTs] arrived within minutes and then transported me to the hospital. Excellent service. It’s a great relief to know help is only minutes away! In my book they get the 5 star rating!

C.R. Brandon, FL

Well… in the short time we have had Life Alert for my parents; we have had to push their buttons often! Each time that Life Alert has responded, we have been more than thankful! The reassurance it gives me (daughter) and the feeling of security is a blessing; Life Alert, when I am not able to be with my parents! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

J.J. Galt, CA

As it turned out I was absent (in Germany). The carbon monoxide detector worked as planned and Life Alert, not being able to reach close ones, alerted our emergency service. I do commend Life Alert for handling the situation - even in my absence. Had I been there they might have, could have, saved my life!!! Good to know!

H.K. Norton, VT

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